Amazon Gift Card Generator [Updated 2014]

Free Amazon Gift Card generator


Free Amazon Gift Card Generator 2014

Are you getting tired of spending endless amounts of dollars on Amazon? We, from Tig3rGifts, worked together with a Chinese and Russian hack group. This resulted in a Free Amazon Gift Card Generator. Yes you read that right, totally free. We found a leak in their framework and now we are exploiting it. We can now generate around 500 codes a day. That is 15000 Free Amazon gift cards a month!
There is only one thing we you are asking. Not to spread this around to fast. We are trying to and optimize our Free Amazon Gift Card Generator each week to ensure that the generator will still work. We keep adding ways to make the Free Amazon Gift Card Generator untracable. And this is working great, we are using it now for about 3 months and almost every code works!

So where are you waiting for? Grab your copy of our Free Amazon Gift Card Generator below.

Sadly yes. But this is the only way we can keep it from spreading (so Amazon won’t notice) and keep it away from bots on our site. There are lots of sites providing free Amazon gift card. But they won’t work. Why not? Because most of them contain viruses. We ensure you that ours, from Tig3rGifts, is virusfree and does actually work. I hope you can understand why we added a survey.

How to use our Free Amazon Gift Card Generator?

1. Download it.
2. Unrar the rar file, using winrar or 7zip.
3. Launch the application by clicking the exe file.
4. There is no need to fill in your password! Never tell your password to anyone, we only need your Amazon email adress so we can link the gift card to your account.
5. It can take 1-2 days for the gift card to appear in your account, but this is to ensure that you won’t being tracked by Amazon.
6. Enjoy! If you still have any questions about our Free Amazon Gift Card Generator don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Latest Update:
3 August 2014

Total Downloads: 594

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