Free MineCraft Premium Accounts

How to get your free MineCraft Premium Account


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Step 2 - Post This Message 1 time on your wall and 5 times on a DIFFERENT Game Page on Facebook

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NOTE: You Must Complete ALL of the Steps to Receive

Your Free MineCraft Premium Account!

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Your account ID is unique. You can get only ONE account per IP.

Your Account ID: 23225




Where did you get these accounts from?

I have been around a while, and over time I have collected many Minecraft Account details. That is why I can give them to you for free, because they didn't cost me anything either.

Why the survey?

Because the minecraft accounts that I have are limited, I will only give out Minecraft Accounts to people who are serious about it. Filling out the survey will only take a few minutes, and by doing so I promise you, you will get your own unique and fully functional Minecraft Account. Once you have downloaded the .txt file with your account details, the file will be removed so ONLY you can ever use that account!

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. Because all of these accounts are acquired through completely legitimate means, they pose no threat to you or any other user! Also, you only download a text file with your new account information in, thereby posing no risks for viruses and the such.