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Tactical Heroes is a new game for iOS and Android devices. If you search for a way to hack this game we have good news for you. Tactical Heroes Hack Tool is here and is free to download.


With Tactical Heroes Hack Tool you can easy add unlimited Tungstite , Lithium-E and GEMS in just few minutes with few clicks. All you need to do is to download and install Tactical Heroes Hack Tool. Run the hack and select your platform( iOS or Android). Then connect your device to pc via USB cable and click connect button from the hack. After conected you can start select hack features. Click start hack button and wait. After complteted disconnect your device and reboot. Run the game and enjoy. Tactical Heroes Hack Tool can be used for all iOS and Android device and not need Jailbreak or Root. Is free to download and can be downloaded from below.



  1. Download and Install Tactical Heroes Hack Tool
  2. Run the hack tool
  3. Connect your device to PC via USb cable
  4. Select your plaform( Android / iOS)
  5. Click Connect button
  6. Select hack features
  7. Click Start Hack button
  8. Disconnec and reboot device
  9. Run the game and enjoy



  • Add Unlimited Tungstite
  • Add Unlimited Lithium-E
  • Add Unlimited Gems
  • No need Jailbreak or Root
  • Free to Download
  • Fast and easy to use


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