The Sims 4 Download [Updated August 2014]

The Sims 4 Download

Hi all,


Today we launched our cracked version of The Sims 4. You can download the game below.
There are still some minor bugs, people might expect problems when picking resolutions above 1080p. We are working hard to fix that and give you a good experience with Tig3rGifts!
What is The Sims 4? In the sims you can have your own family and build houses and work on your carreer. It is a simulator, that simulates life. Sadly they removed some cool features from the new Sims 4. But don’t be sad, this game is still pretty good 🙂
You can now customize even more in the lastest version. You can even multitask and emotions have become far more important.

So, where are you waiting for? Download The Sims 4 below. And begin building your big family. They can even die from laughter. Never seen that before, maybe my Sims are just not that happy, hehe.


How to; The Sims 4 Download

1. Click the download button.
the sims 4 download

2. After downloading unrar the files from The Sims 4 Download folder.
3. Open up the setup.exe this will launch the installation file.
4. After installing The Sims 4 free, go to the PATCH folder. And launch patch1_034.exe
5. When it ask to restart your PC skip it. You don’t have to restart your pc.
6. Now go to your installation folder and open SI.xml , search for this line: CDKEY: “XUIE – REIR – F94E – FMVI” and change it to CDKEY: “RLD1 – REIR – F94E – FMVI” remove the spaces.
7. Enjoy playing your free The Sims 4 Download. If you have any questions or didn’t it work for you, please leave us a message and we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.

Total downloads 5920.


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